9-4-10 Palomar SD Velo Social Garmin Connect – Details

OK here it is the data detailing the long slow slog to the top and the rapid descent back to the furnace below. 2:16 from Harrah’s to the general store and 27 min to sail back down the same grade. Could have been a faster return but it was my first time so I was hesitant on some of the switchbacks.

7:00am it was 66* at Harrah’s, at 12:25pm it was 107* and the iPhone said it was 97* at the summit. Can you say ‘water please’. Leaving Valley Center a pace line of three was on their way in and the lead rider was in full Team Radio Shack kit with two Swammi’s riders I think it is safe to assume it was Chris Horner, I asked him on twitter we’ll see if he confirms.

Now it is done and if I had any real feelings I could share in my friends euphoria. Jeff, Glenn, Todd and Warren seemed very pleased to have shepherded my fat old butt to the top. Alas I was Lantern Rouge again. I wonder what they would think if they knew I only felt that I had climbed a really long hill and returned. Suffering on the bike is what I really like, up hill only makes it sweeter.

Here is the data for you to obsess over. I am not fast but I am steady. I am improving all the time and one day I will make it to the top in under 2 hours, I wonder if I will feel a sense of accomplishment or only wonder if it is possible to make the climb in 1:45.

9-4-10 Palomar SD Velo Social by bmwojcik at Garmin Connect – Details.


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