SD Velo Social Century Ride September 18th 2010


SD Velo Social Century

This is a two lap ride. Each lap is as follows.


This will be semi-supported, which means water will be available from SAG wagon. Emergency number for the SAG support will be provided at start of ride. The ride has been designed as a two lap century allowing people to do a half by completing only one lap. (see how that works, clever huh)

That’s all, everything else is self-support please try to stay in groups and always have a minimum of two riders. This helps ensure a higher level of safety and support. Wear your Road ID and make sure someone has your emergency contact information.

I am most likely the weakest rider so will probably be riding broom or Lantern Rouge if you prefer.

SD Velo Social rides are self-support. Riders must carry spare tubes, tire repair kit, air pump plus critical water and nutritional bar. HELMETS ARE MANDATORY. SD Velo Social has no liability all riders participate at their own risk.


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