Palomar Mountain New Year’s Day 1-1-11

Ok, I somehow held on and finished the climb. I enjoyed the holidays far too much to take on Palomar on New Year’s Day but will probably be doing it again in a month or so.

Todd, @gman92069 was kind enough to ride at my snail’s pace and keep me going forward. Thank you my good friend I may have taken another thirty minutes without you. Thank you.

Glen, @rideescapade, and Jeff, @bikecrave, and Joel, @joelprice, were out of sight by the time I had gone 2.5 miles from the casino parking lot. Thank goodness we were on a social pace or I wouldn’t have held on for a single mile. What can I say about three guys who sat at Mother’s and waited for me and then acted as though I was only just a little behind. I did see the breakfast dishes my friends and Mother’s isn’t exactly fast food. Thank you for waiting and making me feel like I belong in your peloton. You are very gracious and I can not thank you enough for all the times you have waited and eased the pace to keep me with the group. Thank you!

Joel, Jeff and I headed out to the observatory while Glen and Todd headed back down south grade for home. That almost turned out to be the best decision of their lives. We were forced to turn back from the mission to the observatory because of icy roads. Skinny tires do surprisingly poorly on black ice. As we picked our way back up to Mother’s, crossing from side to side to avoid the ice, we decided to stop for some snow pictures. When we were just about to get moving a pickup truck, coming up the hill toward us, lost traction and began fish tailing. It careened across the road about three times before stopping 50 feet down hill facing us. Two girls in the truck looked frozen in shock. We joked about how bad it could have been, wiped off the mountain because of some fool driving too fast for conditions.

We came through unharmed but reminded how fragile we are compared to the other road users.

Anyway, I’ve posted some pictures on the right just click to go to the flickr photo.

My ride data is here. Click

Join us for the next San Diego Velo Social ride. We will be having some good ones coming up, riders visiting from the east coast, mid-west and europe in the next couple of months.


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