Coastal LSD Recap

We had some fantastic weather for a terrific ride today. We all met up at the Park-n-Ride at 9am even Markus looked ready to ride. We set out with @cyclefilm @czukowski @distractionmgmt @fittecheric @rideescapade and myself, if you don’t know my twitter name my feed is right over there —>>

We went west on Carmel Valley Rd and then south to Torrey, on the inside route. This the first time I have ever ridden the inside route and I survived. It was very much like riding the last 1000′ of Palomar Mountain without having first ridden the first 4000′. The crew waited for me at the top and we continued on to the top so we could make the decent. Waiting at the top was Stu Clott of Anywhere Bicycle Repair he sets up his tent on Torrey most weekends and provides great service, water and usually bananas.

Down the hill as fast as possible, ~40mph, and they all caught me before I got across the bridge before the Carmel Valley Road light, Jeff provided a push with his hand on my back and was powerful enough that I was able to shift up two gears! Damn that guy is strong.

We got into a nice pace after they waited for me at Del Mar Heights Road and cruised along until we made a Kodak moment pit stop on Neptune in Encinitas. Markus wanted some nice surf shots to make the folks in Germany jealous. Once again we headed out at a good pace until we reached Carlsbad just south of Poinsettia, where we came upon a couple of riders with a flat. As usual Jeff provided neutral support. Turned out they both had flats, we provided tubes and CO2 and got them back on the road. We cruised along steadily until we reached Cafe Elysa in Carlsbad. If you haven’t made a coffee stop there you should definitely give it a try. Great coffee, friendly staff and pastries that make you need 5 more miles.

We had deviated from the planned route and it was lucky for the cyclists with tire trouble. I can’t say it enough, carry spare tubes, CO2 or a pump capable of getting your tire up to pressure. You can not be certain that we will be along to help you out and provide parts, skilz and labor.

After our coffee break and great conversation we turned south and they tried to kill me on several occasions. Rolling along going over the rises they would just ride away from my heavy butt and the I would have to chase back on. Glen decides we should turn toward Moonlight Beach and then turn left up that wall. Oh, and they decide to make it a KOM and I’m dumb enough to go with them, heart rate to 179 and then I have to chase back on which didn’t happen for about five blocks. We took the scenic route through Del Mar and then cruised along back to the Park-n-Ride.

Markus called it a gentle spin, I called it a hammer fest. Here is my data, I’m actually happy with my performance considering I have had three rides in two weeks with one of them being the Palomar Mountain slog.



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