Tour de Cure Kick-Off

WOW! I was blown away by the turnout for the pre-party training ride. During the briefing it appeared there were 30 riders in the parking lot, but as we rolled it became apparent the number was closer to 50.

The weather couldn’t have been better, OK, maybe it could have been just a few degrees warmer. In light of the cyclone approaching Northern Australia and the ‘killer’ storm fore-casted for most of the country it seems petty to complain that it was sixty-eight degrees and it would have been nicer if it were seventy.

So we rode through Pacific Beach to the La Jolla Cove, stopped for a water, food and nature break before returning on a more coastal but slightly hillier route to Phil’s BBQ.

The party was already going with the ADA and KPRI giving away some great door prizes when I returned with the broom-wagon. The atmosphere was electric, the bar was open and soon the food was served. Can’t ever complain about the food served at Phil’s it is after all a San Diego landmark. A short program ensued with Kaitlin sharing her moving diabetes story and more swag given away including a 30″ Sony 3-D TV with a home theater system and tickets to the Eric Clapton show.

Again this was the best Kick-Off party in my three-year relationship with the Tour de Cure.

Additionally;  six riders signed up for Team Red including a couple who are already giving me a run for my fundraising dollar.  I will attribute this increase in membership to the snazzy jerseys that Raelynn and I were wearing on the training ride. Probably more her than I but I’ll still claim some responsibility for recruitment.

I have added a new set to Flickr!, so check them out.



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