Train, Train, going my way!

It’s that time again, get ready for the SDVeloSocial Train Trip. This time we will be taking the surfliner from Solana Beach to Santa Ana and riding back. We had a great time last year going to Laguna Nigel and riding back. This year we thought we could bite off a few more miles. I am checking with a group in the Santa Ana area to see if they would be interested in meeting us at the station and riding south with us and then returning home on the afternoon train. Great opportunity to ride with some people from outside of our immediate area. I wonder if they ride with an accent?

So I was thinking February 26th March 5th on the 7:39am train getting into Santa Ana just before 9am. There is a north bound at 3:30pm which should allow us plenty of time to cover 74 miles.

It has been decided; March 5th is the day.

Find the train schedule here. Click

I think we should take the 565 train at 7:39A getting into Santa Ana at 8:57A.

Anyone meeting us in Santa Ana can return on either the 583 at 3:34p arriving at 4:48p or the 735 at 4:35p arriving at 5:32p.



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